Phaedrus Media is an AppNexus reseller dedicated to aggregating high value, unique inventory and helping agencies to leverage the AppNexus platform for placing media.

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For Publishers

Making the most of one of the web's largest whitelabel exchanges

Phaedrus Media uses every trick in the book to ensure that we're able to maximize CPMs for our publishers, including everything from proprietary high-viewability deals to dynamic price floors using log level data.

Integration is simple - a basic prebid.js header bidding adapter added to your client side instance of prebid.js or index exchange.


Of impressions monetized


Of sites in every vertical


Higher than industry average CPM
For Buyers

Transparent. Knowledgeable. Effective.

Phaedrus Media leverages experience across the value chain to create simple, elegant media strategies.

Supply Path Optimization
  • Header Bidding
  • Post-Bid Viewability Analysis
  • Custom PMP Strategies
Campaign Optimization
  • Next Generation Machine Learning
  • Incrementality
  • Powerful A/B Engine
Strategy Ideation
  • 3rd Party Provider Analysis
  • First Party Data Strategies
  • Aggregated Reporting

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Based in NYC